GN Plywood sided boxcars - Was "Paint First, Assemble Later Sunshine Kits"

Robert D. Heninger <heninger@...>

I hope that you are not thinking this is sloppy overspray, as was common
later on boxcars with galvanized roofs that were oversprayed with the side
color. The sides on the 1944 boxcars were orange, with black ends. To increase
your painting/masking enjoyment, GN was thoughtful enough to add a strip of
pullman green separating the orange and black, with a very sharp demarcation. I
believe the 1945-46 built cars were painted similarly. GN built a series of
automobile cars in 1947 with plywood sides that lacked the green trim, and also
had differently colored heralds. There were a couple of GNRHS reference sheets
on these cars, which included good photos and a painting diagram. I will double
check tonight when I have time, and let you know for sure.

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