Re: End Sill Brake Hose Hanger

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

This is a timely subject that has my attention as we speak.

To my knowledge, only two suppliers produce brake hoses *with hangers*: Kadee and Bowser (Cal-Scale). The latter can be purchased in either plastic or brass, and is apparently a new reissued item in their catalogue. I have not yet seen them.

PSC produces brake hoses, but no hangers that I can find. No supplier packages hangers for separate sale.

I have used the Kadees with their fine hangers for some years.

More and more modelers are removing (or not installing) the magnetic glad hands on their couplers. This alone makes the easily-perceived see-through 'space' below the couplers quite empty, a visual defect that has in turn motivated wholesale brake hose installation among many of us who have been otherwise in the past not been overly inclined to do so. The resulting effect is great.

However (however...), in the ordinary handling of these cars in routine careful operations, these plastic hoses simply do not stand up, and I am constantly finding them broken scattered along the right of way (just like the prototype :-)). Frustration can arise pretty fast because the hoses break off, leaving a stub in the hanger- which of course is then no longer usable. I have currently suspended repairs on these cars, and I currently have far too many fine cars with broken-off brake hose stubs.

The ideal would be brass or at least Delrin hoses, with either plastic or brass hangers . The Kadee mounts are pretty fine (as mentioned). The Cal Scale mounts are as yet unknown (to me), although a respected colleague has opined that 'if these were the mounts originally produced by Cal Scale [or Bowser] some years ago, they at that time did not look very good'.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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