GATX 1961 & 66 "Manual"s

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

I have as yet not managed to dredge up a photocopy of the 1961 GATX Tank Car Manual. But working from a photocopy of the 1966 version, I wonder how many of the drawings are suitable to STMFC's era - i.e. when were these built?

Is it possible to date these drawings (or - more important - the date of the cars built to them?):
p.88 - ICC 103-W 10000 gallons non-insulated
p.89 - ICC 103-W 10000 gallons insulated
p.91 - ICC 103A-W 7000 gallons non-insulated
p.9? - ICC 103A-N-W 8000 gallons non-insulated
p.94 - ICC 103AL-W 10000 gallons insulated
p.96 - ICC 103A-AL-W 10000 gallons non-insulated
p.98 - ICC 103B-W 8000 gallons non-insulated
p.100 - ICC 103C-W 8000 gallons non-insulated
p.102 - ICC 103D-W 8000 gallons 2 compartments non-insulated
p.104 - ICC 103E-W 8000 gallons insulated
p.105 - ICC 105A300-W 11000 gallons insulated
p.106 - ICC 105A300-W 55 ton chlorine built to ICC 105A500-W insulated
p.110 - ICC 105A600-W 12600 gallons for Anhydrous Hydrogen chloride insulated
p.111 - ICC 105A200AL-W 10200 gallons insulated

I am quite sure these are completely useless to me for 1946, but wonder about their usefulness for friends modelling 1952 and 1953.

Thanks to any who can help out on this,

Rob Kirkham

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