IM "reject" belt rail steel meat reefers...any prototypes?


I picked up some of those "ACF built" center belt rail meat reefers
for cheap that were done wrong for ARM by IM, in their anything goes
schemes(Yes, I've got the good ART kits from Jerry as well).

Any ideas on close prototypes for the IM "reject" cars?
I've found pics of the follwing that look close:

URTX 60067 Spencer Packing - needs 3/3 ends but looks to be close, not
sure about roof
URTX 60487 Needham Packing (60400-524 series?) - ends?, roof?
URTX 67315 Des Moines Packers - ends/roof
URTX 65074 Bookey packing - ends/roof

IM actually has the Needham schemeavailable(doh!),but I'm not sure if
any of these are workable for mid 1950s. I've got the RI leased URTX
versions and the PCX "Hormel" versions, but these cars are obviously
wrong as far as I can see (the Wathers GA car is closer)

Any thoughts?
Stefan Lerche'
Duncan, BC

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