Re: Offal is as offal does . . .

Douglas Harding

Peter, for some reason I think it best that the words "dive-in" and "offal"
should never be used together in the same paragraph, let alone the same

As to the afore mentioned loads, yes they were painted by a 14 year old
fantasy modeler who lead me to the "right" paints to use. And a former
packing house gon loader and verified that the "colors" are right. Now the
big question is, and I have asked this before, what kind of cars would be
used in this service, and would they, like hide cars, never again be used
for anything else?

It has been suggeted that a steal gon could simply be hosed out and reused
for about any service, so any could have been used. I suspect that drop
bottom gons were not used due to leakage, but I have learned to never say
never, and having witnessed trucks carrying similar loads I know leakage is
not a concern of the hauler. Further in earlier years would a wood bodied
gon be pressed into offal service? One story I have speaks of a burro crane
with a clamshell bucket being used to empty these gons. Such a setup could
be hard on wood cars, I suspect.

Doug Harding
Iowa Central Railroad

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