Re: CofG Ventilated Boxcars Revisited

Don Worthy

Paul, I don't know any tech names of anything other than the Murphy but, I've got photos that show the tops of these cars from the early 1930s and some from the 40s-50s. The roofs all have the same look. The earlier roofs may have been painted wood and the later were painted metal.
Point being: from 30s through to early 50s, they retained the same look. A kinda flat, peaked roof with "batten" strips covering the seems of joints. I'd have to look at the drawing to find the dimentions. I haven found a shot yet, that shows a different style roof.
There is a good "top" view in the newly published book on the Central of Georgia by Jim Goolsby and Al Langley.
Sorry I can't be more help
Don Worthy

cobrapsl@... wrote:
I had a chance last month in Naperville to have a long conversation with Allen Tuten, President of the CofG Histoical Society, about their ventilated boxcar model and the roof as it relates to the time frame of this list. At the same time I also purchased a copy of the April-June 2005 issue of the Society's publication "The Right Way", which has a nice atricle about these cars. Allen acknowledged the model has the as delivered roof and that most of these cars had recieved new roofs by the end of the second world war. Quoting from the article "Records indicate that the CofG began replacing the original Murphy XLA roofs with "Murphy Pivoted All Steel Flexible Roofs" in the 1930's". I queried Allan about the use of the Hutchen roof on these cars as posted on this list and he was adament that they could find no referrence to Hutchen roofs being used on these cars in the company files. So wanting to build this kit I have two questions for the group:

1) What is a "Murphy Pivoted All Steel Flexible Roof"? Can I find a picture in a CBC?

2) I could not find Bill Welsh's orginal post(I believe I am correct here) so I am at a loss as to why he though they were re-roofed with a Hutchen's roof. Anyone expand on how we were driven in this direction?

Any and all imput is appreicated.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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