Re: CofG Ventilated Boxcars Revisited


Tony and list, here's a few more facts to add this topic.

1.C of G Annual Reports from the late 1930s specifically note that
ventilated box cars were being equipped with "Murphy Pivoted All Steel Flexible Roofs"

2.CofGa drawings exist for the Murphy... Roof as applied to ventilated box
cars, but none exist (to my knowledge) for any application of the Hutchins on
the CofGa

The Accurail roof (which is said to be an accurate Hutchins Dry Lading roof)
does not match the roof on any photographs of CofGa vent box cars (I pointed
out the different spacing, different type of "edge" bracket, etc.)

I'n no expert by any means but I'm not convinvced that Hutchins roofs were
applied to these cars. We, the CGRHS, want to rerun these cars at a later date
and include the roof updates (whatever thay may be) and the upgraded brake
system. If anyone has information or pictures of these cars please feel free
tha add in your comments. Todd Horton

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