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Garth G. Groff <ggg9y@...>


Can you tell us any more about the California Despatch wine cars (dates, routing, users, number and type of cars, anything). I remember the Red Caboose R-30-11/12 refrigerators lettered for various wine producers, as well as some earlier Red Ball paper side kits. Were any of the RC cars accurate, and for what era? Now that I think about it, Tony didn't discuss or show any of these cars in his PFE book, yet I know photos of some exist. Maybe a revised 3rd edition is needed? :-[

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Richard Hendrickson wrote (in part):

In the steam era, wine cars consisting of tanks inside refrigerator car bodies were rare, though there were a few of them (e.g., ex-PFE cars
owned by California Despatch Line). More extensive use of former express reefer-type milk cars to ship wine, as in the case of the Chateau Martin cars, came later.

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