Re: Live Poultry

Ian Cranstone

On 21-Nov-06, at 10:21 AM, Jerry Dziedzic wrote:
Discussion about the 1931 Erie freight consists included some comments
about LPTX cars. By 1945, the earliest ORER I have, LPTX listings have
disappeared, but I located PTCX which was assigned to Poultry Transit
Company of Chicago. Was PTC a successor to Palace or LPT?
I would say not. According to my listing of AAR reporting marks (, the LPTX mark was transferred to North American Car sometime in the July 1932-April 1938 period, and was last listed circa 1941. Although I have by no means worked my way through all ORERs, they were not listed in 1/1943.

PTCX marks appeared by January 1945, and lasted until circa 1950.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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