Re: Ancient Tank Car Parts (is parts, is parts, is parts etc.)

Richard Hendrickson

Fellow Prisoners,

Going through the ACF book this weekend - blissfully
ignorant of the turmoil I caused with my questions of
last week - I couldn't help but notice, once again, the
sheer variety of tank car shapes and sizes. We've only
scratched the surface with the handful of accurate kits
that are on the market....a new tank car kit seems to hit
the shelves only once every decade, or so it seems....
Damn, Shawn, the glass is only half full. In the past five years we've
only gotten 10K ICC-103Ws from RC, 8K and 10K Type 27s from L-L, and 8K and
10K Type 27s from IM. And more and different models are coming soon -
trust me. Before that, we had, let's see, tank cars from Tichy and Athearn
(no prototypes) and Walthers and Mantua (urp, gag). So what's with this
sour note about "once every decade"? You remind me of my wife's favorite
mantra: God grant me patience - and I want it RIGHT NOW! Seriously...

....what can we do with
the various kits that now exist? Take, for example, the
underframes from the P2K, Red Caboose, and Tichy kits.
Can they be used as a starting point to make any other
kind of tank car? Can the tanks themselves, or even the
domes, be swapped around to create something new but
Yes, yes, and yes. We've already talked about the Tichy/IM kitbash to
produce models of the War Emeregency USG-A class cars; I know this works
because I've already done one. And though I haven't tried it, I think
Tichy's underframe combined with an 8K IM tank will make a pretty plausible
model of the 8K cars built by SSC in sizeable numbers for NATX in the
1920s. The AC&F tanks modeled by IM are quite close in design and
dimensions to the tanks of the same size built in the 1930s/'40s by GATC,
so it should be possible to do some underframe mods and model the GATC cars
of that era. Athearn's "chemical" tank can be shortened (getting rid of
the grotesquely oversize valve casing) and made into a tank for an
insulated 1CC-103/ICC-104, if a suitable insulated dome is fabricated for

What part, or parts, would be needed to
open up some kitbashing opportunities?
We can do a whole lot with what we already have (except for lettering, and
I'm working on that). All it takes is some time. So many models, so
little time. Meanwhile, I've got several models to finish for magazine
articles I'm already committed to. But if you want to have a go at any of
the ideas outlined above, I can scan photos and suggest ways of going about

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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