Cocoa Beach '06 KCS Car and '07 Reminder

Greg Martin

Hey Yuze Gize...

Just a reminder regarding the '07 "Shake and Take Clinic," the Kahns Meat
Reefer, you need to pre-register with Jeff Alley or Mike Brock as the clinic is
limited to just so many just as last years, I think we need to figure 30, but
if the room permits we may get 35, but you have to be signed up.


Perhaps someone can send you some instructions but the decals were custom
made for the car and the event so you are kinda stuck. It will be the same for
the Kahns car unfortunately, as we reserve them for those in attendance, just
as Martin does for his resin mini-kits.

Greg Martin

Jim Hayes in Portland, OR writes:

It seems like half of the instruction/It seems like half of the
instruction/<WBR>construction of this kit occurs at Cocoa Beach and the other half h Beach
(my time/money goes to Naperville), I feel left out. I'm probably not the
only one. Is there a way that I and others can obtain the kit being discussed
or at least a copy of the instructions so we can follow along? If not for the
'06 kit, then how about '07 or '08? I'm willing to pre-order and pre-pay for
a future kit. If materials for the clinic are donated, this might not be
practical. But a set of the instructions plus a parts list and maybe decals for a
reasonable price should be doable.

Jim Hayes

Portland, Oregon



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