Re: Baking painted styrene models

docdenny34 <danspach@...>

Richard's and Dennis's comment cement my own lurking suspicion that I just might be
playing with fire, and I am glad to know for the first time that a measured 130º F. is the
top safe temperature. Thank you.

Now, a second question as to Scalecoat I: Is it safe to apply over Floquil or Accupaint
primer? Floquil Barrier? I have always used Scalecoat I without primer, and then only on
brass. I am reluctant to invest in an entire new inventory of Scalecoat II to apply to plastic.

Dennis' good story about a portable heater turning an MDC car into a banana reminds me
of a marriage-shaking episode of my own 30 years ago: I had spent a solid one week of
vacation meticulously multicolor painting with automotive paints an entire brass
passenger train, plus two other brass cars- a LOT of work! At the end of the week I
popped all eight cars into the oven and turned to "warm" (about 200º), and went to relax
and contemplate the week's success. Well, my good wife came along and casually turned
the over up to 450º preparatory for preparing supper! Well, I heard a comment in the
kitchen- "What's THAT SMELL?"

You know the rest. The melted/burned and discolored paint was so baked on that it had to
be removed by sand blasting at the local plating shop- during the process of which most
of the cars became irreversably distorted with excessive air pressure, and soldered joints
TNTC were separated and blown apart.

The whole episode is still so traumatic in memory that the use, or proposed use of the
oven for paint baking is profoundly angst-provoking even to this day.

Postscript: Three years ago, I got out those sorry cars for the first time in all these years
and put them up for sale at our local annual model railroad show. To my amazement they
were snapped up almost immediately, and later in the day I saw them on a dealer's table
for the same sky high prices as perfectly good cars! Since then, I occasionally still one of
two of them as they make their way from unwary dealer to unwary dealer. Caviat Emptor!


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