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Note that none of the Kadee PS-1s represent cars built from 1947 through 1949. These cars did not have stiffening panels in the end roof sections. Cars built in 1947 and 1947 also lacked the little rectangular panels under the ends of the running boards.

The best solution for these early PS-1s is to find some of the old Front Range kits. The side sills will need major work, the underframe can be replaced by Accurail's aftermarket part, you will probably want to get some Intermountain PS-1 ladder and brake sets (also available as aftermarket parts), and Kadee's running boards are a vast improvement. In short, you only want the Front Range body. On 1947 and 1948 cars, you will also need to shave and sand off the end tabs.

Take a close look at Ed's PS-1 list. You will note that quite a few early PS-1s were riveted. Most of these were CNW cars. These can best be done using Intermountain AAR bodies with their PS-1 and roofs (available separately), and extra ladder/brake sets. I have built CNW and IC cars like this, though they were post-1950 prototypes. You won't find the IC car on Ed's list, as they were built in their own shops using Pullman-supplied parts.

The Southern was a big buyer of PS-1s, and some 8' door cars were delivered in 1948, plus many post-1950. The Seaboard also had both early and post-1950 8' door cars, including a few 1948 double-door types. The C&O received their first cars (6' doors) in 1947, and added more 8' door cars in 1950 and 1952. The N&W also had PS-1s, though I think they came later. Ed's list should show what you need. Seaboard and Southern would be the most likely to be found on the A&D.

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Fred Mullins wrote:

When did pullman come out with there PS-1 box cars? I'm trying to
decide how many I will need on my mid 50's era layout?
I'm assuming that I will still need a few wooden box cars and lots of
1937 AAR box cars? I have sme kadee box cars and I'm trying to figure
how many of them I need to keep or sell off?
Thanks for any info.
Fred Mullins

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