Baking Models


The main way people get in trouble in baking models is that they rely on the
oven temperature gage or a thermometer put into the oven. These devices just
measure the air temperature in the oven.

The real damage is usually done by the radient energy from the heating
element when it can be "seen" by the model. The radient energy can raise the
temperature of the model far above the air temp, particularly if the model is metal.

An example of this would be a piece of sheet metal lying in a parking lot on
a hot, sunny day. The air temperature may be 90 degrees but the radient energy
from the sun can raise the temperature of the piece of metal to the point
where it can't be picked up with bare fingers.

The high temperatures to which the model may be eheated can be avoided by
placing a piece of foil or other material between the heating element and the

None of this would apply, of course, in a convection appliance where the
heating element is outside the oven and the hot air is simply blown in.

All just basic Heat Transfer 101

Chuck Yungkurth
Boulder CO

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