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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Gatwood, Elden J SAD wrote:

I have been reading with great interest the lists put together by Ed Hawkins
and others, and working on some of the numbers we've been discussing over the
months, particularly the box car type summaries that are available on the
steam freight cars site, that includes Ed's list on the AAR '44 cars. That
list says that there were about 73,397 - forty foot "1944 AAR" ('44 AAR) box
cars with " 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends".

I want to make sure I am getting this right. Could anyone tell me if Ed's
list of cars are the ones with consistent, even-tapered corrugations with 4
above the riveted panel joint and 4 below, and confirm that this list does
not include the "R/3/4" "rolling pin" or "R/3/4" "banana taper" ends?

If the numbers are correct, for my time period of roughly 606,623 U.S.
Boxcars in interchange, there would be:


What is your time period - post-1960?

According to the ICC, there were 714,568 Boxcars owned by Class I RR's in the US on 12/31/1950; on 12/31/1955, there were 718,950 Boxcars of which 661,194 were General Service and 57,756 Special Service (primarily Auto and Auto Parts Cars - 1955 was the first year in which the ICC broke out General Service and Special Service Boxcars in their statistics); and on 12/31/1956, there were 692,729 Boxcars - 637,829 General Service and 54,900 Special Service.

What year does your percentages below cover? I would think that the percentages you provide would change from year-to-year due to attrition as well as new construction.

Tim Gilbert

14,180 ARA '32 [2.34%]

89,578 AAR '37 [14.76%]

43,565 AAR '37 modified (5/5 end) [7.18%]

73,397 AAR '44 10'4"-10'6" 4/4 end [12.1%]

Unknown number of AAR '44 - r/3/4 end [ ? % ]

75,070 40' PS-1 [12.38%]

20,332 50' PS-1 [3.35%]

That leaves ~44% of all box cars unaccounted for by this list.

Does anyone have a rough idea of how many forty-foot '44 AAR cars there were
of the rolling pin taper and banana taper styles? How about the 50 footers?
How about the rest? Are there many types unaccounted for that were purchased
by numerous railroads, or are most of the remainder once the above are folded
in unique to each railroad? If remaining wood-sheathed types were only about
1% of my total of 606k, this leaves a lot of cars!


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