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Fred Mullins wrote:
I would like to learn more about this car. When was it rebuilt and from what class of car? When did the rebuilding take place and how long did these cars stay on the rails?
It may not surprise you, Fred, that these were rebuilt from Class B-50-12. Those were USRA single-sheathed cars, of which SP received 1000 units. They were rebuilt starting in the late summer of 1949 and continuing for a couple of years. Roughly 650 were rebuilt and all other survivors either went to MOW service or were scrapped. They lasted into the 1960s.

also can anybody point me to some photos of these cars? I'm looking for end detail shots as well.
Thanks for any help!
I'm not aware if there are many photos on line. The Lee Gautreaux site is one option (if you don't know the URL, please ask). If you want a reference to a book which has thirty or so photos of the cars, including the rebuilding process, please ask. I don't want to be accused of "MAKING YOU BUY A BOOK."

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