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I would defer to Richard on his truck identification here.

Yet B&O also had some proprietary truck designs that research is only
starting to uncover. Examples would be the Washburn truck and the
Tatum XLT truck. Until recently, they looked like plain old
archbars to everyone.

B&O also was nuts about recycling trucks (and other hardware) in
their rebuilding and new construction programs. So trucks out of era
would show up on B&O cars. Examples: the M-26 (plain) boxcars
inherited Tatum XLT trucks from scrapped hopper cars. O-41 gondola
cars (I think, I'm winging it here) got BR&P trucks. The surviving
gondola off the West Virginia northern stored at Tunnelton, WV is an
example of this.

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On Dec 6, 2006, at 3:16 PM, benjaminfrank_hom wrote:

Finsishing up an article for the November-December issue of The
Modeler on Class W-1 and subclass hoppers and came across some odd
trucks. I've uploaded a detail photo in the STMFC files section
titled "B&O 334344 Class W-1A Truck Detail.JPG":

Anyone know the type of this truck? Thanks in advance!
Ben, it's an arch bar truck with a Pilcher trussed side frame. See
1922 Car Builders' Cyclopedia, p. 628.

Richard Hendrickson

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