SP B-50-12 Boxcars and the availability of information

Peter Weiglin

Looking at the following message:

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Fred Mullins wrote:
I would like to learn more about this car. When was it rebuilt and
from what class of car? When did the rebuilding take place and how
long did these cars stay on the rails?
It may not surprise you, Fred, that these were rebuilt from
Class B-50-12. Those were USRA single-sheathed cars, of which SP
received 1000 units. They were rebuilt starting in the late summer of
1949 and continuing for a couple of years. Roughly 650 were rebuilt and
all other survivors either went to MOW service or were scrapped. They
lasted into the 1960s.

also can anybody point me to some photos of these cars? I'm looking
for end detail shots as well.
Thanks for any help!
I'm not aware if there are many photos on line. The Lee
Gautreaux site is one option (if you don't know the URL, please ask).
If you want a reference to a book which has thirty or so photos of the
cars, including the rebuilding process, please ask. I don't want to be
accused of "MAKING YOU BUY A BOOK."

Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley, CA
2906 Forest Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705 www.signaturepress.com
(510) 540-6538; fax, (510) 540-1937; e-mail, thompson@...

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and this one --

Posted by: "benjaminfrank_hom" b.hom@... benjaminfrank_hom
Date: Fri Dec 8, 2006 10:36 am ((PST))

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Paul Lyons wrote:
"There is an article and and series of photos about the re-building of
these cars in a long past Mainline Modeler. I do not know the issue."

"Southern Pacific B-50-12-A", Pat O'Boyle, Mainline Modeler, October
1992, page 62. Popped right up when I did a Title text search for "B-
50-12" at http://index.mrmag.com .

Ben Hom

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It seems that those who are willing to help, such as Tony and Ben, are forced to point, over and over again, to the standard references in the hobby.

While Fred has the right idea, and did ask about books, there are also those folks who somehow expect to find the fruits of others' research labor, furnished on line, for free, and delivered by tomorrow morning please.

The book that Tony was reluctant to describe is Southern Pacific Freight Cars, Volume 4, Box Cars, published by Signature Press and written by . . . Tony himself. Nice plan in there too, on Page 174.

How do I know that? I BOUGHT ONE! Paid for it and everything. (I also bought Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of the series.) Those of us who know how much effort Tony puts into these works will tell you that they are cheap at the price.

While everyone starts out with good intentions of helpfulness, over a period of time during which many requests (and not a few demands) are made, those who have done the research can get a little testy when their work is taken for granted.

Fred Mullins has the right attitude, but you have to ask yourself about the manners, presumptuousness, and downright cloddishness of those who created a "gimme" climate in which Tony was chided for "Making you buy a book".

These guys have every right to remain silent when someone asks for help, but they do not. Some knowledgeable folks are coming close to "burnout" dealing with the human chalices ("Fill me! Fill me!") who have confused helpfulness with obligation.

Come on, folks; when someone suggests that a questioner buy a book for reference, the proper reply is NOT, "What? Spend my good money for what I should be able to get here, free?"; and also NOT, "There he goes, plugging his products again."

Tony nor anyone else should ever be inhibited from suggesting that a pertinent book be bought, regardless of the authorship.

There! The glue on my X29 should be about dry by now . . .

Peter Weiglin
Amelia, OH

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