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This is one for all the narrow minded folks out there :>)

Did the narrow gauge, frameless tank cars always have the Gramps name
painted in the large gray letters on the sides? If they didn't about
what year did they start adding the name to the sides?

Only some of the UTLX "Van Dyke" tankcars were painted with Gramps
lettering. There is a good listing of which ones were in the
R/Robb "Narrow Gauge Pictorial" Vol. IV. Gramps started using the cars
when the refinery was built in Alamosa in 1938. Not all the Van Dyke
tankcars were leased to Gramps. Some others were used for "Road Oil"
and could be found on all divisions of the D&RGW n.g. and on the RGS.
Some times Gramps cars would be used for "Road Oil" too and pictures of
them can be seen going through the Black Canyon.

Both type V and type VV Van Dyke tanks were used for Gramps although
only 2 of the 7 type V have been confirmed with Gramps lettering.

Stan Schwedler
Coronado Scale Models

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