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Just to deal with steam era freight cars, I have availed myself of
this list
a number of times, because I would like to represent a particular
car from a
particular prototype railroad, and although there has been published
material on the road, my interest is too limited to invest in it:
e.g., I
have received helpful information on Pere Marquette cars, and
although often
tempted to buy the definitive book, I think I have (or will have)
three PM cars in all, and it is hard to justify spending $30-40 for the
research on them...
This is exactly what most of us face, of course. There is an amazing
synergy to be able to participate in the kind of immediate exhange of
information the 'net allows. Sometimes we no longer have to wait 5
or 15 years for the definitive book or article to come out (or 'til we
can find that long-out-of-print source). The only thing I'll add to
this interesting conversation is that even though the repeated
reference to key source books can be tedious to those who are most in
the know, I think on balance these lists sell a whole lot more books
than they replace. For every inconsiderate soul who expects a quick
free answer, there are a score of silent readers who sit up and take
notice, and actually go out and buy the book, once they learn a bit
more specifically what stuff is in it. That's how I make my book
choices these days, and I also learn a ton from the lists about what
books to recommend to friends (or even strangers I bump into in hobby
shops) who themselves have increasingly specific information needs as
they delve into prototype modeling. Thanks and best,

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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