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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Bob Chaparro wrote:
Somewhere I read that the Southern Pacific had reefers on its roster lettered for the SP and not PFE. As the story goes, these cars were acquired from the El Paso & Southwestern in the 1920s.
Yes, indeed. One place you might have read this is in my Vol. 4 on SP box cars (includes ventilated cars and refrigerators).

Does anyone know more about:
What service these cars typically saw?
Were they in captive service?
What was the disposition of the cars?
They were used in on-line company service exclusively and were NOT in revenue service; SP was of course provided with any revenue reefers by PFE. They can be seen in ORER issues to have slowly faded away until about 1960. All were scrapped AFAIK.

I didn't find anything in the index of the PFE book.
Logical, since they were not connected in any way to PFE.

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