The ALPS Supplies Situation

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I hate to clutter up the list with needless bandwidth, but there are a
number of people who make their own decals for steam era freight
equipment using these printers. I thought that the message might be of
value to some of those people. Please do not respond on list or
continue a thread about the Alps system here as this is not the proper
forum (and proper ones do exist on Yahoo! Groups.)

Ted Culotta

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From: "Paul Anderson of Systems-Consulting"
Date: December 9, 2006 2:13:38 PM EST
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Subject: The ALPS Supplies Situation
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Dear Customer,

As a buyer of ALPS MD-Series printer supplies, we want to keep you
informed on the status
of availability.

All dealers have been asked to submit their requirements for the next
six months by
Tuesday, Dec 12th. A binding Purchase Order is required for the next
three months. ALPS
has informed our one and only distributor that they want a "final"
order placed by Dec

We will be participating in this final purchase from ALPS. It is
unrealistic for any
single dealer to have the burden of satisfying all demands. We suggest
contacting your
regular dealer ASAP to have a say in how much inventory is acquired.

In addition, As of 8 December 2006 - according to ALPS-USA's Product
Support Manager "ALPS
is indeed the manufacturer of the cartridges. The ribbon material was
developed by ALPS as
a proprietary product and is not used by any other company. Because
ALPS wants to get out
of the retail printer support they are not interested in providing the
ink/media formula
or tooling to others to continue manufacturing the product. I'm very
sorry but it is a
dead issue".

We have been asked to place our "Final" large order for ALPS supplies
by Tuesday, Dec
12th. This will be our supply for the next six months. If you want to
make a purchase in
the next three months, we need to know your requirements now!

We will all do our best to keep the supplies available as long as


Paul Anderson
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since 1992
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