Re: C&EI block lettering

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 10, 2006, at 2:39 AM, Ted Culotta wrote:


I believe that the style to which you are referring came into being at
the beginning of 1937 with the C&EI's first 1937 AAR box cars.
That's what I thought, Ted, until I discovered that I have photos of the large C&EI stenciling on gondolas built as far back as 1910. However, I don't have any evidence of its use on box cars prior to the delivery of the 64000-64999 series '37 AAR cars in January of 1937. C&EI's USRA double sheathed box cars were built ca. 1920 without the billboard stenciling, but C&EI didn't keep those cars and in the 1920s and later its only double sheathed cars with flat side areas large enough for the big C&EI lettering were 36' cars, and I don't know whether the big lettering was applied to them. Other C&EI box cars were single sheathed, and there was a smaller version of the big initials that was applied to them. However, the earliest photographic evidence I have showing that usage dates from 1938 (on a car leased from Mather).

Richard Hendrickson

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