Kline/Culotta book


Anyone want to comment of the date of the photo on the dust jacket?

There are few single sheathed box cars (maybe 1/10th) and few flat
roofed box cars like X29s.

My guess is the photo was taken early '50s, but how late? '52? '53?

There's a 40 ft. B&O box with a very wide door & an L&N car with
the "old reliable" slogan. Also a Southern PS1, box car with a
diagonal roof, "SantaFe all the way" slogan

There are a lot of PRR cars and the photo came from the Penn state
museum so my guess is that the photo was taken on the Pennsy. There
are no Keystone shadow heralds which might help Pennsy men date the

There's a 40' PRR box car, maybe an X37A, with a light colored,
ribless roof. Was that roof unpainted (did PRR leave roofs
unpainted?)? The 50' car to it's right (X37B?) also has a ribless
roof which is darker than the side. Does this car have a black or car
cement coated roof?

There are a lot of photos of Erie cars that I've been looking for for
years. Most of them have yellow (gold) heralds too. I've been
interested in freight cars for years and this book taught me a lot.

This is a fantastic book, both for pictures and text. Thanks guys.
This has been a terific year for STMFC books.


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