Re: Sharing Knowledge: Was Parasitism

Pieter Roos

Boy, has this thread been turned on it's head.

The thread began with a question about a class of Southern Pacific
boxcars. In the process of providing a pretty detailed answer, Tony
Thompson said he would provide a reference to a book containing photos
off line so he wasn't accused of "Making someone buy a book.". WHERE
did anyone accuse anyone else of being a PARASITE!?

It is somewhat sad that a person providing the answer to a question
would feel constrained from publicly suggesting a reference, even if
he wrote it. None the less, I think it's clear that the list would be
far less useful if everyone with access to information declined to
provide it to anyone else. It has been a long time (if ever) since
anyone has essentially DEMANDED that entire book chapters be posted in
response to their questions, nor have I seen many examples in which
questions were answered with simply "buy this book" rather than at
least the basic information followed by a reference citation in case
the questioner wished more detail. Therefore it seems this topic is
mostly a lot agonizing about events that haven't happened!

Maybe we can get back to freight cars...

Pieter Roos

--- In, Fair-In-Ra@... wrote:

Allen, You are not wrong, you are dead on the money. If you want to
help, help. If you don't want to help, then don't. To smugly accuse
someone of being a parasite is obnoxious as all hell and totally
uncalled for. Mike Farina

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