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Hello to you all
I'm the new boy on the block and I'd like to ask the following
Would Pacific Electric and Chicago Great Western cars(of any sort)be
seen in New Jersey or Pennsylvania ?
Would they make that sort of a long journey from their home road?
Steve --
Actually, I believe I'm the new(er) boy on the block, at least as far
as this forum goes. To your question, however, I think there's both a
long and short answer.

Short answer: Yes, theoretically, depending on what was being shipped
and where it was being shipped. Although a freightcar was normally
supposed to be sent back to its home road as quickly and directly as
possible, some cars stayed "on the road" for most of their careers as
freight agents used them to fill local needs when they became
available. It was generally more desirable to load a car for its
return trip than to "deadhead" it. (There were exceptions, of course.)

Slightly longer answer: It would depend on what era you're modeling,
since both PE and Chicago Great Western were absorbed into other
railroads. Pacific Electric came under Southern Pacific control early
on, although it continued to run more or less autonomously for a
number of years thereafter. (The problem there is determining at what
point it ceased to gain new equipment -- and I'm not sure how many
cars it had in the first place -- and at what point the equipment was
either retired or repainted into SP.) I suspect the time element
would be more forgiving in the case of CGW, although I could just as
easily be wrong there.

I hope I haven't simply served to confuse the issue for you.

-- Paul Dana
San Francisco

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