Re: Sharing Knowledge: Was Parasitism

Peter Weiglin

Mike Farina wrote:

. . . You are not wrong, you are dead on the money. If you want to
help, help. If you don't want to help, then don't. To smugly accuse
someone of being a parasite is obnoxious as all hell and totally
uncalled for.

= = =

My goodness, how far off topic we got; no wonder the moderator was awakened. Let me clarify.

No one was "smugly accused of being a parasite." My original post was not directed at those who ask for help; it was directed at those who complain and whine about a helper who also suggests a reference source -- even a reference source in which he may have an economic interest.

Me, I want to hear about whatever sources a helper may tell us about. If he or she may derive some income from that, it's off-list and he/she has earned it. No one should feel inhibited from recommending any source, particularly the author(s) of that source.

Peter Weiglin
Amelia, OH

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