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At through the 1950s the PE was one of California's major freight roads, at least in terms of car loadings. They had a modest fleet of several hundred freight cars of many types (for your interest, chiefly SP-clone 40' single-sheathed boxcars which went everywhere). In Tony's SP boxcar book, there are shots of one in Pennsylvania, apparently damaged and repaired by the PRR. IIRC, most of the PE fleet was relettered SP in 1956. Sunshine has offered a nice resin kit for their SS boxcars, which includes their unusual outside-hung brake rigging (for those tight traction curves).

The CGW was a moderately large carrier, and owned a fair-sized fleet of cars of all types. Their boxcars and RBLs especially went just about everywhere.

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sc279373 wrote:

Hello to you all
I'm the new boy on the block and I'd like to ask the following question-
Would Pacific Electric and Chicago Great Western cars(of any sort)be seen in New Jersey or Pennsylvania ?
Would they make that sort of a long journey from their home road?

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