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In 1958 there were 2921 X28A on the PRR roster. This number dropped to 349 in 1963 and 7 made it to PC. I doubt these were ever painted for PC.

Rich Orr

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I just received F&C's current catalog sheet (with their buy two boxed
cars, get two free, plus a bagged kit offer). New to their list are #s
7030 and 7031, "AC&F AAR Type 2" tank cars. I've never heard of a "Type
2" tank. Any comments? Has anyone bought one of these kits? What
gallonage do they represent? Are the underframes the same as their 8,000
gallon "Type 7"?

They also list an X28A, which is tempting. I went through all my stuff
looking for an article on these cars, but came up with nothing. Can
anyone tell me how many were still in service in 1958?

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

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