Re: Wright Trak FGE Reefer

Jim & Lisa Hayes <jimandlisa97225@...>

I have this kit too and find the kit itself to be very well done. However
when it comes to photos and other info, prototype or model, there just isn't
much. There is a photo of a BREX reefer that seems to match in The Great
Yellow Fleet, page 119. I also found photos of the old Pacific HO version of
the kit somewhere online. There is a photo of a WFEX car that seems to match
on page 33 of Great Northern Equipment Color Pictorial - Book 3. I haven't
found anything for FGE except the small photos of the model on the website <>

When it comes to decals, the best I've found is Microscale's 87-535 for BREX
mechanical reefers but it's out of stock. Champ's HR-66 may work for WFEX.
For FGE I haven't found anything. When it comes to decals and prototype
info, this kit is very frustrating to me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jim Hayes

Portland Oregon

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