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.... I haven't
found anything for FGE except the small photos of the model on the
website <>

Any help would be appreciated.
Jim: Here's a link to a recently posted scan at Fallen Flags that may
be helpful. Note this car it isn't the same FGEX series as the
Wright Trak model appears to be (slightly different height, capacity
rating and detail on the vented panel) Note the roof of FGEX 238
appears to be painted differently than that on the model at the
Wright-Trak web site, which is lettered for the 1000-1600 series:

Note the model pics you refer to at (e.g.,
are actually quite large, if you click to the root image and then make
sure your browser isn't resizing it to fit the screen. You can read
even the smallest lettering on the model. That is, if you are patient
enough to wait for them to download from that very slow site. With its
reweigh date of 1974, the model might possibly be based on a
post-steam-era repaint, but the lettering appears to match several
(mostly poor) pics of pre-1960 FGE mechanical reefers I've run across,
and the Microscale 87-238 set that Ben mentioned.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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