Re: Car Movements

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

IMO, on a model railroad the operator should strive to do it by the book but
not be slavishly bound to it.

Dave Nelson

Dave's comment is very prototypical. The Car Service Rules were not practically enforceable, and there was no meaningful penalty for violation. On most railroads that I worked on or observed there was some (varying by railroad) level of effort to observe the rules. But if it came down to a violation or missing a load, the revenue came first. If it was near the interchange point there was an advantage to loading the system car and sending the foreign off empty. But far away from the interchange point the double car mileage became important, especially if one of the management measurements was a measure of cost in relation to loaded miles.

There was more or less a gentlemen's agreement that if you do what's right for the system, I will also.

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