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Posted by: "Anthony Thompson" Beckert, Shawn wrote:
Also, wasn't there an ICC ruling that said foreign road cars were to
be given loading preference to get them "home" faster?
It was an AAR loading rule. Whether the ICC was involved also, I
don't know.

This is an era confusion problem. The Car Service Rules were made and administered by the AAR. In the late 60's car shortages became a national issue, and a law was passed authorizing the ICC to set car service rules. The ICC adopted the AAR's rules as its own. The big difference was that then a railroad could be fined for violations. This didn't mean the rules were always followed, but the incidence of violation was much reduced.

In the Steam Era, the ICC had nothing to do with car assignments.

BTW, "loading rule" is an inappropriate term for car service. There is another set of rules about loading of cars. It has stuff such as tie down requirements, etc.

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