Re: MDC 50' double door single sheethed

Robert Gross


Thank you very much. I will pick up a back issue. Thanks again!

Rob Gross

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On Dec 13, 2006, at 6:40 PM, Robert Gross wrote:

Hello gentlemen:

I came across a few undecorated MDC 50' double door single
auto end boxcars in my to-do box. Someone mentioned that they are
correct for the Western Pacific and possible the T&P. Can anyone
me if they are prototypically correct for any other road? More
specifically, with paint schemes from the late 1940s. Any help
would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you.
With minor modifications, they're correct for WP and T&P and, with
additional modifications, for MoPac. See my article in the July,
Railmodel Journal.

Richard Hendrickson

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