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Bruce Smith

On Dec 15, 2006, at 3:02 AM, <tmolsen@...> wrote:

Bruce & Garth,

I have two of these PRR TM-8 tanks from F&C and on regard to the tank ends and sides, you are absolutely correct, Bruce! The outside diameter of the ends is smaller than the outside tank diameter, therefore the ends are undersize.

Fixing this could be the biggest challenge <G>

Also, the rivets on the cars are so small that they are almost non-existant.
I worry less about this as they are there and when painted and weathered, they will show... heck they are closer to correct than most HO models!

All this for a pair of cars to act as wallpaper at the diesel shops at Enola and Harrisburg.
Shouldn't those cars move once in a while ;^) After all they do get loaded and unloaded...


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