Re: What defines an AAR boxcar?

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
"Postwar" is tricky; I assume it represents the shift to the
later style Dreadnaught ends with straight-tapered main ribs and
rectangular top rib, but of course many cars of the 1944 design were
built after WW II and what you're identifying as "postwar" AAR cars
didn't appear until the 1950s.
I'll admit to not thinking too much about many post WWII cars as my
interests fade before 1951... but in my ignorance of 1950-1960 car
appearances I always thought of the diagonal panel roof as a major
characteristic of what you'd notice that would be a strong indicator that
set post war cars apart from pre-8/1945 boxcar construction.

Dave Nelson

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