Re: What defines an AAR boxcar?

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Dave, the problem here is that diagonal panel roofs were introduced
ca. 1948 and many of what we're in the habit of calling 1944 AAR box
cars, i.e. those with 4-4 "rolling pin taper" Improved Dreadnaught
ends, were built with diagonal panel roofs.
Them's post war cars, right? 8-)

I guess it comes down to are we trying to describe the 1944 standard
specifically or post war in general. If the former, then the roof "style"
isn't a spotting feature whereas if we're talking about the later term it
works fairly well -- not perfect, but well.

Going back to the '44 standard boxcar, I'd be looking for 40' length, ends
"more modern" than 5/5 dreadnaught, AND not a PS-1. Again, not perfect but
it serves me fairly well.

Dave Nelson

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