Re: Were all Dreadnaught ends made by Standard Railway Equipment?

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

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From: Dennis Storzek

Which just points up
the problem with using names devised by modelers; eventually it comes
to light that the assumptions were wrong, and we are stuck with names
that don't accurately describe the hardware, and are confusing as well.
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The very same thing happened with Sherman tanks. A book came out a few years ago where the author made up his on nomenclature for various parts ("fancy smooth" and "sharp beak" being two of the more notable). Unfortunately he never did any archival research and apparently never caught on to the concept that all those letters and numbers stamped and cast into the parts might have actually meant something, or that the Army would need to have some way to keep track of the parts in the logistics system. It's taken us almost 10 years of publishing but people are finally starting to realize that there might be an advantage to calling everything by its correct name.


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