Re: What defines an AAR boxcar?

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From: Dennis Storzek

In reality, when the design was adopted in 1937, it became THE AAR
standard boxcar, and simply went through a gradual series of
incremental changes from that point on. The dates of the revisions on
this plate are as follows:

A 12/31/37
B 8/3/40
C 3/15/41
D 6/25/42
E 12/1/45
F 4/1/48
G 3/1/51
H 6/24/54
I 3/1/56
J 12/1/57

And finally K, 4/1/62. There may be more, but not on my copy of the

. . .

In reality, we should be discussing the
"Revision C car", or the "Revision J car".
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I agree.

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Do I know what changes were made to the standard at each revision?
Unfortunately not, as there is no revision notes included with the
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Poo. That's just what I was going to ask. That's exactly how some of the Sherman tank changes have been dated. I take it the AAR has not been able or willing to provide archival data?


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