Re: Athearn C&EI Caboose

Paul Hillman


The Atlas Trainman caboose looks very close.

The CEIHS wrote, about the Athearn car:
I believe it is farily close to the C&EI caboose. They show up in the
diagram book dated May 23, 1950 as #1-6. They were built in 1947 by
ACF and were 31'-1" on the top running board. The body was 24'-8 1/8"
from end to end.

I don't know yet what diagram book they refer too. But I guess I
should take my scale-rulers and photos down to my hobby shop and

Thanks, Paul Hillman

--- In STMFC@..., "Fritz Milhaupt" <fmilhaupt@...> wrote:

Actually, from what I remember of the photo I saw of one of the C&EI
cabooses a couple years ago, the Atlas Trainman caboose is far
to what C&EI #1-6 looked like. See

I'd describe the MDC caboose as "the model closest to C&EI #1-6 that
Horizon manufactures," but there's a closer model out there. It
been released in C&EI paint yet, but I think that's just a matter of
waiting for one of the next runs.

-Fritz Milhaupt
Web Guy and Modeling Editor, Pere Marquette Historical Society, Inc.

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