Re: AAR stockcar

Charlie Vlk

Stock cars may vary from road to road more than most any other car type.
Most, though, had a roof, two ends, two slides that had some slats, a floor, two four wheeled trucks; but all stunk!
Hopefully, BLI won't figure out a way to reproduce that one common characteristic!!!

Charlie Vlk wrote:
"Broadway Limited has never tried to pass off the PRR K7A as being
correct for anything but PRR (having never referred to the car as
anything except a K7A)..."

Charlie, I'll concede that point but note that they also say on their
website that
"Our model is based on the Pennsylvania Railroad K7A design, which was
quite similar to many other road's stock cars."

I'm sorry, but I can't think of too many other roads with stock cars
with the alternating diagonal truss of the PRR Class X23 family. You
don't have to read us the riot act about the economy of the hobby
driving the bogus roadnames either - I think we're all well aware of

Ben Hom

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