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Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 18, 2006, at 3:24 PM, Dave Nelson wrote:

At the Steam Era Frieght Car site there is a photo of a NP boxcar --
here: that I have
a couple of questions about.

First, not being very sharp on trucks, I see this one does not look to have
integral journal boxes which made me think Andrews but there's something
about the angle of that lower brace that suggest nope... something else. So
if anybody recognizes these on sight, what kind of trucks are they?
They're early L-section Andrews with one-piece sloping journal box retaining bars; later Andrews had short ones bolted to lubs cast onto the sideframes, rather than extending under the lower chord.

Second question what's the deal with that huge steel center sill? I was
under the impression steel center sills were not usually this size.
This was one of the first NP cars which had a built-up steel center sill rather than truss rods (you'll notice that truss rods were still used to support the side sills). NP also had some refrigerator cars with essentially the same underframe. In the early days of steel center sills, lack of experience with such underframes caused many of them to be over-built by large margins. Even the fishbelly center sills on the USRA forty ton box cars were more robust than they really needed to be, so they were nearly indestructible but also added needlessly to the light weight of cars.

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