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Jack Burgess <jack@...>

Russ wrote:

Prepaid movements are a newer way of doing business and
in the steam era collect would be the most common form of payment.

This comment reminded me that I have a number of Yosemite Valley Railroad
forms (pre-1945) which are entitled "Freight Bill For Prepaid Charges". The
form has spaces for information on the shipper, destination, route (Via),
car number, consignee, and waybill date. There is space for the number of
Packages, Articles and Remarks along with the weight of each package and the
rate. The last column is labeled Prepaid. At the bottom of the Prepaid
column are spaces labeled "To Collect" and "Total to Collect" with a note
"Make checks payable to the company" meaning the YV.

It would seem that this form was used to record prepaid charges. Or I am
misinterpreting the use of the form or your comment?

On hopefully a related note, I also have several Freight Bills (one dated
1912 for items shipped from San Francisco [not on the YV] to Bagby for a
store near there) which has columns for listing the items carried, Weight,
Rate, Freight, and then Advances and Total. Note this is a Freight Bill and
not a Waybill. The items are listed by description then the weight and rates
are listed in the columns to the right. The weight multiplied by the rate
equals the amount in the Freight Column. Those rates are added together and
then the Advance is added which results in the Total Charges. What is the
Advance? Is that the freight charges due the railroad that moved the load
from the origin to the YV interchange?

Jack Burgess

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