Re: Canadian box cars in the US

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

Here are a couple more from a different spread sheet. Hope you can read
them ok? They are for small towns west of the Twin Cities (part of them
now!)These show where the lumber originated for opertions guys.

Watertown, MN Waybills Minnesota Western RR 1954

WB Date Intials Number Type From F City,State To
T City,State Route Contents Notes
522-11 20-Dec CN 482306 XM Bellingham Lumber&Shingle Co
Halston BC Lyman Lumber Summit Park MN CN-DWP-GN-MW
fir lumber
540-2 19-Mar CP 267208 XM M.B. King Lumber Savona
BC Fullerton Lumber CP-portal-SOO-MW 2x8
10'&12' #2 fir 33.95 tons

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