The Texas Co and The Southwestern Refining Co.

Tom Lawler <tjlawler@...>

I have a W&R 10K 3 dome tank car I am trying to figure out what to do with.

The Microscale sheet I have to decal this car has lettering for The Texas
Company and also The Southwestern Refining Co. I model 1950 and am not able
to find any info on these car markings in the ORER. I did find info on The
Texas Company in a 1930 ORER.

Two questions...first, could I letter this car using either company and run
the car in 1950? Second, if not, is there something I can letter this car
for (and get the decals) so I can use the thing and not have the prototype
cops bust me?

Thanks for any help.

Tom Lawler

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