Re: The Texas Co and The Southwestern Refining Co.

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 19, 2006, at 12:52 PM, Tom Lawler wrote:

I have a W&R 10K 3 dome tank car I am trying to figure out what to do

The Microscale sheet I have to decal this car has lettering for The
Company and also The Southwestern Refining Co. I model 1950 and am
not able
to find any info on these car markings in the ORER. I did find info
on The
Texas Company in a 1930 ORER.

Two questions...first, could I letter this car using either company
and run
the car in 1950? Second, if not, is there something I can letter this
for (and get the decals) so I can use the thing and not have the
cops bust me?
Some years ago, I addressed a similar question regarding the possible
use of a W&R 3 compartment AC&F Type 7 on my 1947 diorama. I found
that the Texaco cars disappeared from the TCX entries in the ORERs in
the 1930s, either sold second hand or absorbed into the General
American roster (General American had by that time taken over ownership
of the TCX cars and was leasing them back to Texaco). Southwestern
Refining Co. had disappeared in the flurry of petroleum company mergers
and buyouts that took place in the 1920s/early 1930s. Other owners of
the cars also had disposed of them by the late 1940s, so I wasn't able
to find a single valid prototype for the late 1940s. If someone on
this list knows of one, I – like Tom Lawler – would sure like to hear
about it.,

Richard Hendrickson

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