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If we are talking about freight charges then it would mean it was prepaid.

If the charges are for icing or pre-cooling then that would be an advance.
I would not be surprised if the tariffs allowed charges at origin to be
collected by the providing party. Once the car was "In Transit" I think they
were usually passed along and collected at destination.

Considering the volume being loaded it would not be a bad idea for SP/PFE to
get that money up front.

I have a lot of waybill copies. Need to look some over to give a more
definitive answer.


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Russell Strodtz wrote:
> Terminating road would collect the freight charges. Charges that were
> "Advanced" such as diversion, perishable service, livestock FWR, would
> be peeled off and paid to the party due. The rest, just like per diem,
> would be handled through a settlement process that only paid balances
> due.

Was this always true? I have seen PFE shipments on SP waybills
that clearly show loads outbound to the East, originating on SP, which
are marked to be paid by the shipper to SP. Is that an "advance"

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