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I don't know for a fact, but I would be very surprised if
the US would be shipping grain to Canada, one of the world's major grain
producers. Canada has been exporting grain for probably a hundred years. Anyone
have the facts on this?

CJ Riley

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CN 475916 Box Paper Incline IM/Sylvan
CN 414593 Box Lumber Builders/MC L Westfld
CP 236378 Box Lumber Builders/MC L Tichy

To put all these recent information to practical use I currently have
three Canadian box cars out of a fleet of over 100 box cars. The
first model is numbered for an actual car that was on the RR with a
load of paper. It is an Intermountain car with a Sylvan flat panel
roof and the ends that are similar to those on a PS1, but with
vertical strap like protrusions. The second model (Westerfield) 36'
SS, I most have picked up at a swap meet because I have no info on
that number series, so I gave the car a load of lumber. The last car
(Tichy) single sheath is also numbered for a car that was on the RR
with the correct load.

I have two lumber yards I can spot the cars of lumber at to unload
and a ramp to unload the paper. Big question: Then what? Do I reload
them with cement, feed, fertilizer, or grain and send them back
north? If so, do I weigh them? The cement, feed, fertilizer are all
bagged, I know they didn't weigh the bagged cement, how `bout the
grain? Probably not. Or, do I send them north empty?

Thanks to all who answer,
Clark Propst

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