Re: AAR stockcar

Tim O'Connor

--- benjaminfrank_hom wrote

Contrary to what I posted earlier today, the D&RGW cars were not
built to this design. D&RGW 36400-36499, built in 1955, were Pratt
truss double-deck cars.
The GN didn't build any cars to this design, preferring to convert
stock cars from SS and DS boxcars. All of the conversions were
Pratt truss cars.

That was the source of my confusion -- the GN and DRGW cars had
Pratt trusses, and I mistakenly thought they followed the AAR spec.

At first glance, CB&Q 52700-53199, Class SM-19B looks close ...
Yes, I think so too. Evidently NO ONE actually built an AAR stock
car after the spec was written based on the UP S-40-12?


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