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Richard Townsend

Could they be SS Ltd., or copies of SS Ltd parts? I remember seeing parts many years ago that appeared to be pirated copies of some SS Ltd parts. I just recently threw away my old SS Ltd catalog, so I can't look it up.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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I am detailing a scratchbuilt mineral processing plant which shipped
processed lead barite in 100-lbs cloth or paper bags via box cars (mandatory
freight car content). I need a lot of these bags. Elsewhere on my layout, I
have some great resin castings of such bags or sacks, one of which is 5 bags
high by 5 bags wide while the other tapers from 5 bags wide at the base to
one bag on the top. Both are cast in a light tan resin.

I've searched Walthers and Caboose Hobbies as well as a number of small
manufacturers but can't find these castings which I might have picked up at
a NMRA convention. Do these castings sound familiar to anyone on this list?

Jack Burgess

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